Thursday Programs

Brusher Bather Certificate Program

Teri DiMarino

Your ability to do your job, and do it right, separates you from being "just a bather" to a position that contributes to the finished product in the salon. Teri believes that a good bath, brush and dry is 50% of a great groom. The bathing room is where most stylists started. Before future groomers begin to think of clipping coat, they must first know what to expect from the hair, and how to treat it to obtain desired results. Surprisingly, many great B/Bs remain in the bathing room, preferring the security of knowing there will always be a need for their expert services. Bathers-in-training, "groomer wannabes", seasoned groomer techs and salon owners will benefit from this day-long program with tips on equipment and products to make the job easier. From getting the dog ready for the tub, to finding the right shampoo through proper bathing and blow-drying techniques, Teri will cover the B/B fundamentals. Safety issues and handling will be stressed.

Tools of the Trade and How to Use Them

From brushes and nail clippers, muzzles to grooming loops, Teri covers equipment basics, highlighting correct uses, in an effort to make the work easier and more comfortable for pet and bather. "These techniques and tools will make the finished groom a true work of art," says Teri. Anals and ears will be also discussed.

Dematting… It’s Not What It Used To Be

Everyone has a technique for dematting a neglected pet. For some, it’s a shave-down and then entering the pelt in a Mat Contest. For others, it’s a time-consuming, hair-splitting experience, destined to take its toll on the pet, the B/B or both. Teri examines the most common and effective products, tools and techniques for the demat dilemma without getting all tangled up.

What’s In Those Bubbles??? Shampoos, Conditioners & Spray

Tocopherol, Ergocalciferol, Sodium Chloride. Teri takes a "groomers-eye" view of the stuff we use every day in language we can understand. Shampoos, sprays and conditioners are our most expendable items but what do we really know to select the right product for our situation? (Those scary words are techno-speak for vitamin E, vitamin D and simple table salt, often found in many grooming products.)

Getting the Most Out of Your Bathing and Drying Time

Bathing and drying are the most underestimated aspects of our jobs. Techniques can make or break a groom. The ability to properly apply products, thoroughly clean and then dry the pet will have a direct influence on the finish. You will hear about time-saving equipment and techniques.

This program is six hours long and is included in the Do-It-All admission or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Savvy Salon Owner

Michell Evans

Join Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor, for this well-rounded presentation. She will walk you through the process of creating a business budget for your salon based on a sample budget. She will discuss paying hourly vs. commission, support staff, benefits and retirement. Michelle will also cover leadership, trust, communication and expectations as the cornerstones to creating a respectful workplace.

Thinning Shears... The Wow Factor!

Jodi Murphy

You're trims just are not quite finished unless you pull out your thinning shears. If you hesitate to use thinning shears or you just don't seem comfortable with them then this four-hour program by world renown, National Certified Master Groomer, Jodi Murphy, is a must see. Jodi will help take the confusion out of thinning shears by explaining the teeth configuration. She will demonstrate her award-winning techniques on multiple breeds and coat types that will transform your trims from nice to fabulous!

Nagase Japanese Styling

Kenichi Nagase

Netflix dog grooming star, Kenichi (Poodle Ken) Nagase, will bring his one-of-a-kind Nagase Japanese style to this seminar. With Ken, no two styles are ever the same. He spends time with each dog to read the dog’s personality, or “kawaii.” He then creates the design off of the kawaii of each dog. Ken is known for his amazing abilities to connect each part of the dog (body, face, ears, tail) to make a statement with its kawaii look. He will demonstrate how a little difference in the direction of the scissors and a little difference in the scissor handling and movement make a big difference in the finish and overall look. This four-hour class will feature three dogs done in a kawaii look.

Amazing World of Mobile Grooming

Adriane Pope & Angela Kumpe

Whether you are new to mobile, a seasoned mobile groomer, or looking into going mobile this class is for you! Angela and Adrian invite you to jump into the passenger's seat, buckle up, and hang on while they take you on a fast-paced ride through the amazing world of mobile grooming.

These two ladies will cover many aspects of mobile grooming like: release forms, payments, invoicing, routing, scheduling, maintenance and DIY repairs, options and cost for starting a mobile business, emergency funds for illness/injury/breakdowns, back-up plans, latch key services, price increases, insurance and much more.

Thursday Evening

Simply Creative

Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Creative grooming is not for every client however, many have grown to love and adore it. With media coverage, social media, and creative documentaries our clients are seeing more and more creative grooming which has them more interested and willing to try a little color than ever before.

In this class Angela and Adriane will walk you through several ways to easily add color to clients’ pets without wasting valuable time and keeping the mess to a minimum. They will show step by step color applications and techniques that will have you coloring like a pro in no time. They will also go over types and brands of dyes, temporary color, time saving tips, marketing and what you will need to get started.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Groomers Make When Grooming Cats

Danelle German

After decades of teaching others how to safely and quickly groom cats to a fabulous finish, Danelle has witnessed many of the same mistakes being made over and over again. These mistakes often lead to dangerous situations, incomplete grooms, unsatisfactory results, and other undesirable outcomes. And each of these mistakes is completely avoidable! During this seminar you will discover what the most common mistakes are that are made by groomers and, more importantly, how to avoid each of them.

Salon Sanitation Certificate Course

Corina Stammworthy

Learn how to clean like a microbiologist! Corina will teach you sanitation techniques used in the laboratory that she has incorporated into her regular salon practices. This class will cover how to disinfect everything in your salon using both chemical and mechanical methods, as well as an overview of the common pathogens that cause problems in the industry. A certificate will be mailed after completion of this two-hour course.

Spicing Up the Everyday “Puppy Cut”

Mackensie Murphy & Nadia Bongelli

Every day, the same haircuts over and over again can be your first cause of the dreaded burn out! Nadia Bongelli and Mackensie Murphy, with their combined 30 plus years of grooming, will show you the tricks they’ve picked up along the way to jazz up their regular pet trims. Make your work stand out from your competition!