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Sunday Programs

Scissors Down

Nadia Bongelli

Clippers are amazing tools and can be used to our advantage in a busy, high-volume shop. There are so many tricks to use with your clippers that will give your clients the appearance of a scissored finish without the extra time involved. Do not sacrifice quality when using your most trusty tool and learn to embrace your clippers!

How to Build and Retain a Strong and Loyal Team

Denise Heroux

Loyal employees are the backbone of any business. It is a process that requires patience and strategy, but it is far from impossible. Denise will go over the steps you can take to help stand out and find the people who best fit your brand and company culture. Most importantly, she will cover how to retain and manage your dream team.

Basics of Bichon Grooming

Elizabeth Gibbs

In this hour with Elizabeth, you will learn how to execute a salon-style Bichon trim and more! You’ll also learn quick tips on prepping, tools, and how to make this trim manageable for your clients.

Taking Care of You, the Groomer

Judy Hudson

Judy will share what she has learned over her 30+ year career that has enabled her to continue to groom 10-12 dogs a day, pain free. Topics will include exercises she does to stay strong in this physically demanding job, inflammatory foods you should steer clear of, and things you should do for your peace of mind.

The Art of Abstract Designs

Adriane Pope

Have you ever wanted to know how some groomers put that perfect Creative Abstract design on their dog or cat? Adriane Pope will teach you how to pick a design for a dog that can be simple or extreme. She will go over the placement, the clippers that work best, and the perfect finishing touches. It’s time to be different and have a Creative Abstract design walking around in your shop, or actually get out on the runway and compete with your work of art! Come and have a little fun with Adriane Pope.

Better Business Brain

Jill Hailey & Blake Hernandez

This is a crash course on Blake and Jill's business and way-of-life mindset. Learn how to get in the state of mind necessary to follow through on your goals and make your dreams a reality. Do you only want to groom the cutest dogs? Would you like to do that while also creating other sources of income? Well, Blake and Jill have been putting that into practice for years and want to share with you how we they’ve done it!

What's Your Worth, and Is It Worth It for Them?

Jameson Kon

If a potential client is a job you're about to apply for, what can you write on your resume that will make you stand out for them to hire you, in this case, as their personal groomer? Are you charging enough for what you're doing? What If you're having challenges in raising your rates and don't know how to proceed? This class will discuss how you can impress your clients with your own resume, including how you can raise the rates for your more tenured clients or how to attract new clients with your newly acquired skillsets. This is your time to showcase your worth to your clients!

Perfecting Your Grooming, One Leg at a Time

Ashley Pacini

Legs are one of the most difficult parts to achieve on a dog and have the potential to negatively impact your overall groom. In this hour-long demonstration, Ashley will share how, through refined clipper and scissor work, you can achieve the perfect column leg on any breed with any coat type.

Social Media Video Editing and Creation with Jess

Jess Rona

It's no secret that a strong social media presence can make or break a business. In this class, Jess will give you tips and tools on how to create Reels and Tik Toks for your business. Not only will this class cover the basics of content creation and time management, but it will also explore the importance of intention and the mission behind the post. Attendees are encouraged to come to the class with video footage that is ready for editing, and by the end of the class you will have a video that's ready for posting to any social media outlet.

Grooming Straight, Flowing Coats

Victor Rosado

Improve your techniques to prep and care for the long-coated breeds and get an easy guide to work properly with this coat type as it should be. We understand grooming is not always about short, sassy trims; some breeds require minimal trimming. In this seminar, Victor Rosado, ICMG, NCMG will teach you what to do…or what not to do with this coat type. Victor has dedicated years of grooming long-coated dogs and has developed some tips and tricks that will help you when you have long, flowing hairs on your grooming table.

Face Off

Jay Batista

Join Jay Batista for one of his most popular seminars! First, Jay will go over in detail how to achieve the perfect teddy bear head on any breed. He will give you step-by-step instructions on accentuating a pup’s personality by creating soft, cuddly expressions in the face. Then, he will demonstrate a round, stuffed animal head on a model dog so you can get up close and see the details. We all know the most important detail of a haircut for a client is the face, and Jay will show you his way of making sure every client leaves happy!

Vet Advice for Dealing with Difficult Dogs

Dr. Cliff Faver

In this seminar, Dr. Faver will be discussing some of the common conditions that make it difficult to groom dogs—from the basic old-age problems to how to groom dogs post-surgery. It is not uncommon that debilitated dogs and cats actually need to be groomed more often, and when done correctly, it can be a very profitable niche. He will also discuss basic precautions all the way to product types to consider.

Daily Doodle Dos

Blake Hernandez

In this everyday dog seminar, Blake will tell you exactly how to maximize money and minimize madness on these majestic mutts—from how to schedule, handle and educate a daily doodle client to all Blake’s go-to tips to make every hour a power hour! One thing every doodle has in common is that they are part Poodle, and that Blake’s jam!

Left Out: Tools and Tips for Left Handed Groomers

Nadia Bongelli

Come discover the right tools and tips for left-handed grooming! Are you a lefty? A southpaw? Do you have trouble with finding the right tools, figuring your way around grooming techniques and feel “left out” sometimes? Come join us for this exclusive gathering of lefty groomers while we embrace our uniqueness, speak about our struggles and accomplishments, and learn about what makes us a remarkable group of people.

Maximizing Your Business’s Profitability

Jeremy Stamper

In this class, Jeremy will be discussing how to critically analyze your business and identify if you are leaving money on the table. Take a deep dive into creative ideas to maximize profitability, including enhanced service options, small retail, and more.