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Sunday Programs

Introduction to the Finer Race, the Feline Face

Blake Hernandez

In this fun filled Cat-centric hour, you will learn some great starter services for cat clients to get your foot in the door with Feline Grooming. We will go over everything from how to check-in cats, how to set you and your salon up for success with cat appointments, and what tools are a must when working in the specialized field. To top it all off, Blake will demonstrate how to naturally groom a cat’s face so that your "bath cats" leave looking fiercer than ever before. This is key to separate your service from every other service around!

Carving Your Way to Increased Revenue

Milena Kon

Milena is a multiple award winner in abstract runway competition. Come out and take this simple yet intriguing carving class that you can't miss out on. She will be demonstrating the use of different blades and techniques to achieve that elegant look that will simply amaze your clients. This class will open a new revenue stream for your shop or mobile, as it offers you new ideas on how to get creative with just learning these simple carving techniques. Go ahead and give it a try, and see your income rise. Then you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Mixed Breed Makeover

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer is known in her area for giving mixed breeds a whole new look and you won’t want to miss her tips and tricks in this demo. She will show you how to achieve balance and corrective style. She will use clippers and scissors to give the mixed breed a finished look that you would be proud to have walk out of your salon.

How to Survive as a Groomer

Sue Watson

You are not getting any younger. You work a very physical job and it’s very stressful at times. Sue has been doing this job for 49 years and is still going. If you feel you are not going to make it, then this seminar could be for you. Sue would like to help you last, and has suggestions and tips that could make your job easier. Please come join Sue and other groomers in your situation in this open discussion.

Everyday Dogs: The Doodle

Annie Williams

Feeling overwhelmed with the all the doodles coming into your salon? Annie will walk you through how to educate your clients on their dog’s specific needs, to carving out a stylish yet functional haircut. Learn a fool-proof system with snap on combs and scissor techniques to help increase your efficiency and put more money in your pocket.

Seven Secrets for Dealing with Difficult Clients

Linda Easton & Jim Warner

Are you grooming the dogs you enjoy for clients who appreciate what you do? Or are you stuck dealing with grouchy dogs and difficult clients? Let us help you change the conversation with your clients. This seminar will include sample “scripts”, tips, and secrets to use with your clients, and how to create great customers on their first visit in the salon, setting you up for years of a successful client relationship. Make customer service your first concern and set yourself apart from the competition.

A Groomer’s Guide to Handling Dogs

Angela Kumpe

If you can keep a dog calm and happy while getting his first mohawk or bling accessory, you can probably handle most dogs. Angela Kumpe will share what she has learned from years of experience handling all temperaments of dogs in all types of situations. She will focus on showing you how to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Don’t Make My Poodle Look like a Poodle

Cat Opson

Every groomer has heard it in their career: a customer walks in with their dog and says, "Whatever you do, don't make it look like a poodle!" You look down and say "Ok, I won't make your poodle look like a poodle!" While you are wondering why they even bothered to get a poodle. Lucky for you there are other trims to make any poodle look super cute while not looking anything "like" one. Cat will go through some of those fun styles that are sure to help you in your shop.

Mobile Grooming: What They Don't Tell You!

Krystal Purcell

Learn from GroomTeam USA member, Krystal Purcell how she has dealt with some of the not so common mobile issues. From mechanical malfunctions, to over 100" of snow, Krystal Purcell teaches you how to overcome even the toughest challenges of mobile grooming!

The Captivating Clipped Westie

Tammy Siert

In this session, Tammy will groom a Westie to perfection by giving it a stylish breed trim using clippers. Practical for the pet parent, the clipped Westie is what you mostly encounter in your salon. Tammy will discuss the proper pattern, strip and clip techniques, and tips to groom to breed profile and keep that Westie looking sharp!

Secrets of Hand Stripping

Kathryn Dixon

From strip and clips to breed standard show trims, learn how to make the best of a coarse coat in any condition. Kathryn will go over must-have tools, common techniques, understanding the coarse coat, and how to make any coarse-coated dog—mutt or purebred—look their best.

Ears, Butts, and Teeth, Oh My!

Dr. Cliff Faver

Come learn the answers to those burning questions of what to do (or not do), and the legalities and liabilities associated with these decisions. To pluck or not pluck ears? Are anal glands my responsibility? Can I add teeth scaling as a new service? What are the most important things I need to know for the health of the pet?

West Coast is the Best Coast

Blake Hernandez

I may not know what it's like to shut down for a winter storm, or why there would ever be salt on the sidewalks, but I know all the ins and outs of Grooming Greatness in the Golden State. From earthquake procedure to fox tail awareness and everything in between! Watch and learn as Blake presents all of the secret tricks and tips that keep our dogs not only stylish, but safe—and every human involved stays sane!

It's a Snap! Snap-On Combs to Simplify Your Everyday Grooms

Mackensie Murphy

Top competitor and GroomTeam USA member Mackensie has spent her entire career in a salon doing your everyday pet trims. Over the years she has figured out how to cut down time by using snap-on combs. She will show you all the tricks she’s picked up along the way to make your everyday grooming easier and quicker with snap-on combs.

Occupational Hazards

Cheryl Purcell

Is getting bit part of the job? It shouldn’t be. As pet groomers, we do what we do because we love animals. But this love of pets also puts us in harm’s way on a daily basis. We need to learn the hazards of our profession and how to minimize the effects of the job on ourselves. Cheryl will go over some of the most common hazards, how to identify them, and most importantly, how to minimize or prevent them.