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Sunday Programs

An In-Depth Guide to Safely Storing and Dispensing Grooming Liquids

Dave Campanella

While the post-COVID world has reinforced the importance of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing in our salons; the same cannot be said for caring for our grooming liquids. Sadly, the reality of shampoo spoilage more often than not comes down to genuine ignorance and neglect by the user. This seminar acknowledges the misunderstood details behind product spoilage and contamination in the bathing room. It explains the role water plays in fostering bacteria, product contamination, and potential skin reactions. Learn the necessary tips and protocols required to be self-accountable for proper storage, dispensing, and managing inventory. Avoid potential problems and liability issues from happening under your watch.

Pricing, Percentages and Profit Margins

Teri DiMarino

Teri will share her business savvy and expertise on running a profitable salon. What do you look at before you set your prices? How do I set my prices? What are my margins? Am I making a profit? Are my employees making more than me? These and a lot more questions will be answered. If you miss this seminar, you will be losing money.

Cocker Spaniel Pet Trim

Irina Pinkusevich

Are you having a tough time keeping your Cockers mat-free? Do you know where to set your lines? Learn Cocker pet trims that follow correct breed profiles as well as variations that make life easier for you and the owner. Pina will give you tips on quick pet trims for this popular breed and will also review a few carding techniques. You won’t want to miss this fun, informative demonstration.

A Groomer’s Guide to Pet Nutrition

Susan Sholar

This class will address foods that are making pets sick. Not discussing name brands, she will give you the tools to understand what is happening with pets’ diets and how that affects their health. She will also discuss the grooming issues this presents to the groomer and how to discuss changes owners might consider to improve the pet’s health with nutrition. It is time for us to understand nutrition, answer questions clients have and take our dogs back to a healthy future.

Modern Styles

Olga Zabelinskaya

Do you want to be a trendy groomer? If yes, then join Olga for this Modern Styles seminar. Olga will explain why Asian styles are a “must” to add to your A La Carte salon price list, she will also cover basics of pricing and the secrets to achieve those cartoon-looking images followed by a demonstration of her magic.

Mobile Grooming 411

Jessica Adorno

Mobile pet grooming is the fastest growing segment in the pet industry. Curious what it’s like going mobile? This workshop will discuss the many components of running a successful mobile grooming business. Some areas covered will include choosing what mobile works best for you, mobile van maintenance, scheduling & routing for efficiency and profitability, marketing & software applications, environment inside & out, and client relations. This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to not only decide if mobile is for you, but to learn tips and tricks to having a successful mobile pet grooming business.

The Schnauzer, from Standard to Salon Freestyle

Jay Batista

Get two demos in one in this action-packed seminar with Jay Batista. First, a step-by-step guide to setting a breed standard cut on a Schnauzer will be demonstrated. Then, watch as Jay transforms this standard trim into a unique work of art. He will show you how to create an Asian Fusion look out of any coat length, with endless possibilities.

All I’m Asking is for a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Angela Kumpe

No this is not a musical class where we sing lyrics from Aretha Franklin songs, but it is a class about how to get the respect you deserve from your clients. After owning a salon for over 20 years and adding a mobile business to that 3 years ago, Angela has learned a thing or two about standing tall and demanding her clients treat her like a professional. In this class she will tell you how to gain the respect you deserve. No more letting clients walk all over you by canceling, no shows, asking for discounts, showing up late and expecting you to bend over backwards to fit their “wants”. You are the one that sets the standard in which people see you, make sure they see you as the professional you are.

Why Does it Take Me So Long to Groom a Shih Tzu?

Valerie Partynski

The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular breeds to walk into grooming salons across the country. In this live demo, Valerie will teach you timesaving techniques to consistently give a stylish trim to each pet in a short amount of time using proper prep work and attachment combs. Val will also go over what shears to use in all areas to get the tidy finish you want walking out your door! Even if you can get these guys in and out quick, we are sure you can learn a thing or two.

The Art of Coat Carving

Adriane Pope

In this class Adriane will show you the simple way to carve in a design and also go over how to find a design that would work for an Abstract Runway competition. Adriane will go over everything from the tools she uses to getting your dog competition ready.

Meow Wow: Alternative Feline Clips

Dana Chavez-Rey

Tired of the same boring Lion Clip? In this one-hour course, Master Groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, shows you how she achieves a dino clip, chevron clip, squirrel clip and plush clip. She will show you how to blend the mane by plucking or with clippers. As a bonus, she will demonstrate the ever popular mullet.

You Need to Calm Down

Mindy Dinwiddie

Have you had those clients that just need to calm down but everything you say is wrong? Whether you nicked their dog or shaved down their matted dog, we have all had run-ins with a client. Join Mindy Dinwiddie to learn how to de-escalate a client. Mindy will share her 11 years of teaching store detectives how de-escalate shop lifters and getting them to comply. You will learn skills that are not only helpful in the salon but also in your everyday life.

Hybrid Freestyling and Whimsical Grooming

Jayne Gallagher

In this informative seminar, Jayne Gallagher, star of ABC Network’s Pooch Perfect, encourages you to step outside the box of breed profiles and into the world of Hybrid Freestyle. Take the boring mixed breed haircuts and elevate them into whimsical styles that are fun and client-friendly. Hybrid Freestyle grooming blurs the lines of Asian Freestyle, breed profile, and Salon Freestyle. Jayne will stretch your imagination and teach you how to have fun with it!

The JRG Body Blueprint

Jess Rona

Learn Jess’ signature blueprint to make every dog you groom balanced, intentional and adorable. This checklist is what Jess teaches her team at her shop in L.A. to ensure every dog leaves looking like the gorgeous beast they’re meant to be. She’ll cover questions like “Why do some of my dogs end up looking choppy or like their head is too big for their body?”, “How the fluff do I get all the legs to match?” and “What can I do to avoid the feet looking pointy or heavy?” If you’ve been struggling with any of these techniques or are just curious about balance, this class is for you.