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Sunday Programs

Springer in a Pet Trim, Tammy's Way

Tammy Siert

Tammy will demonstrate how to groom a pet Springer Spaniel for the everyday client using clipper, blade and thinning shear techniques, leaving the coat with a natural finished look. She'll discuss how to properly prepare the coat, giving bathing and drying techniques to help achieve a great finished product that you’re proud to have walk out of your salon. All of these helpful hints will be explained so they can be applied when you go back to your shop.

How to Build your Brand

Adrian Smith

In this seminar, Adrian Smith, the Color King, will be giving a detailed inside scoop on how he built his brand and following. Adrian owns two salons, has clientele across the country (including celebrity clients) and owns a successful dog modeling business. This seminar is intended for new business owners or groomers thinking about taking the next step in their grooming career. He will explain how to find your niche, build clientele, and build your social media presence. This seminar will touch on hiring the right team, pricing, and following through with business ideas. You will leave this seminar feeling encouraged to pursue your dreams!

Grooming the Schnauzer

Sue Watson

In this seminar, Sue will demonstrate setting proper lines on the Schnauzer, as well as easy ways to set in the Schnauzer eyebrows. Even though we are doing pet trims, come learn how to achieve that show dog look!

Poodle Perfect

Blake Hernandez

Poodle trims and balance are what we compare all other trims to. Master a Poodle and most other breeds will come much easier. In this class, Blake will show you how to see through the hair and know exactly where you will end up from the moment you lay eyes on your subject. Show, pet, matter the style, it's right up his aisle. Blake is Poodle Perfect.

Back to Basics

Cheryl Purcell

You don't have to be the best groomer around but you do need to be the most detailed. Learn how to stand out among all the other salons in your area. Cheryl will show you little details that are often missed by groomers, and clients may not recognize what it is but just that you’re the best.

“Short but Not Shaved," and Other Things Owners Say: Making First Timers Into Your Biggest Fan

Helen Schaefer

Until we learn telepathy, learning to verbally communicate with the owner at the end of the leash is paramount to creating raving fans and repeat and word-of-mouth business. In this seminar, Helen will go over common things she hears at the salon day after day from new clients, the basic check-in procedure you should follow with every new dog, and the follow-up questions she asks the owner to ensure the first impression is always a positive one. Make that new client into your biggest fan!

Time-Saving Snap-On Combs

Jay Scruggs

Getting a smooth finish can be achieved with snap-on combs and thinning shears, and Jay will show you how! He will discuss coat textures, applications and techniques that will save minutes off every groom, as well as balance, blending, softening and finishing of pet trims that will put your grooming over the top!

Solving the Doodle Problem

Corina Stammworthy

Are you drowning in bad doodles and fantasizing about not accepting new doodle clients? In this class, we break down how to solve the doodle problem once and for all. Learn how to find good doodle clients and get them on a regular schedule. In this customer service-based class, we will cover how to talk to doodle owners using keywords and phrases, go over common doodle scenarios, and make you a doodle owner expert.

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Grooming the Wire Coated Breeds

Allison Foley

In this classroom, Allison Foley will discuss grooming tips, tricks, tools, and products that you should be using on wire coated type dogs. Whether you are brand new or an experienced dog groomer, Allison will show you not only the best products but how to BEST use them for wire coats, as well as troubleshooting common problems. She will discuss rolling coats, raking/carding, stripping, blending the jacket into the underline, and when to clip or scissor sensitive areas.