Groom Expo West information coming soon!
*Last year's info below


Time Class Room
11:00am Registration Opens
12 - 6pm Brusher Bather Certificate Program - Teri DiMarino Ballroom D
12 - 4pm Advanced Hair and Skin Certificate Course - Dr. Cliff Faver Ballroom BC
12 - 4pm AKC S.A.F.E. Grooming Certification Program - Susan Sholar Ballroom E
12 - 4pm Unlocking Your Trendy Dog Styles: A Day With Olga - Olga Zabelinskaya Ballroom F

Friday Evening

Time Class Room
6 - 8pm Groomer Assistant Certificate Course (Continues) - Michell Evans Ballroom E
6 - 8pm Grooming the Difficult Dog - Sue Watson Ballroom D
6:00pm California Professional Pet Groomers Association Meeting Ballroom F
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Saturday Evening

Time Event Room
9:00pm - 12:00am Meet & Mingle with the Pooch Perfect Cast Ballroom GH
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