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Saturday Programs

The Dreaded Deshed

Dr. Cliff Faver

Desheds are time consuming and hard on a groomer’s body long term. Learn tips and techniques that actually make this job easier by working smarter. Learn ways to minimize the work and, even in some cases, eliminate the need by better education for the client, more efficient techniques, and products that do the hard work for you.

Why Forecasting is Important in the World of Mobile Grooming

Jameson Kon

Where does one go when you already have a business that you want to expand further? What if your business is stagnant and you need to find a way for more growth? Can you do this alone, or do you need a team to get you from Point A to Point Z? Planning for success is the key to any business model. Take this seminar to find out how one can set themselves up for success by following some key points of operations in the mobile world of grooming.

Dental Care for Pets

Mary Oquendo

Join Mary in this hour-long seminar covering dental anatomy, the importance of a home dental program, the stages of peridontical disease, the difference between manual and ultrasonic cleanings, and how to keep pets’ teeth clean. This program does NOT teach scaling.

Setting Angles to Create That Stellar Profile

Victor Rosado

In this seminar, Victor Rosado, ICMG, NCMG will teach one of his most valuable philosophies, “form follows function.” Learn how to properly set angles on your dogs for everyday grooming, competitive grooming, or dog show grooming. When you learn this important step, you will maximize your grooming time and create that stellar profile. Victor is also a licensed conformation All Breeds judge and a Breeder of Merit where he has built a strong foundation of grooming profiles based on ideal body conformation. Don’t miss this seminar!

Olga’s Grooming Timesavers

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will discuss how to save time during washing, brushing, dematting, and styling dogs. She will also discuss planning the right schedule and using proper tools to help make the grooming process easier. You will enjoy Olga’s unique direct style and her “New Jersey accent” (as she puts it) honed from her homeland in Russia. You will appreciate her hard work ethic and her winning style as one of the top competitors in the world.

Deep Dive & Master Conditioning Products

Dave Campanella

Somewhere along our professional journey we've been told, “Conditioners are heavy,” “Silicone is bad,” “Apple Cider Vinegar can solve everything,” etc. Knowing what conditioner to select for any given situation is daunting and comprehending ingredient listings are worse. Here Dave will get to the heart of understanding how conditioners work, explaining their differences, and providing helpful resources to identify what conditioners one needs in their salon's arsenal.

Mixed Breed Makeover

Jonathan David

In today's world of dogs, there are so many popular mixed breeds that frequent our salons. Deciding what style to apply to these unique-looking pets can be challenging. In this one-hour demonstration style seminar, Jonathan will discuss coat types, conformation, and camouflage grooming to mimic known styles of similar pure breeds, or to create an entirely unique look to complement each individual dog. Jonathan will also discuss utilizing various tools and products to accomplish the best style for even your most discerning customer.

Branding Your Business

Mindy DinWiddie

In this seminar, Mindy will look at the process of branding you and your business, including what it all entails and how to go about making those decisions. As you start your career, how you develop your brand can be more difficult than you think. Thinking of rebranding? This class is for you too. When should you rebrand? Mindy will help answer your questions!

Puppy Handling 101

Melissa Jepson

Puppies are often a whole other world when it comes to the easiest way to acclimate them to the grooming process. This class will equip you with the best knowledge and techniques to handle puppies with confidence!

Bold and Beautiful: Mini Poodle

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

If there's a single breed that you're certain to find coming to you for grooming, it's the Poodle. All of them—no matter what size, trim, style their owners select—should be elegant, well-balanced, and scissored. Grooming difficult feet, achieving a beautiful topknot, and getting that overall balanced look are not the easiest tasks in the world. Jay and Sue will demonstrate techniques and shortcuts, provide timesaving tips, and show you how to do quick and stylish everyday pet trims.

Clients vs Customers

Juanita Harris

Struggling to build a consistent client list of reliable people who always rebook? Tired of those customers who show up after six months like it’s normal? The problem is not solely’s also sometimes you. Distinguishing between clients and customers may not be the top priority for building your business, but it can be a valuable distinction to consider before, during, and while you operate your business. In this class, Juanita will highlight the basics of what you need to set your business up to attract clients and not just customers. She will also discuss how to make customer service and valuable customer experiences a core part of your business, and how to identify your customers’ needs and tailor that experience further to build your business. In addition, she will share branding tips/tools to create an online presence to attract the audience that suits your business.

Air Art: Blow Your Clients Away

Alyssa Kasiba

An airbrush is a delicate piece of machinery, but with proper maintenance and know-how you can make incredible temporary designs. In this class, Alyssa will teach you care and maintenance and will show you what inks to use. She will also go over how to use stencils and free hand. If you are brand new to airbrush or just looking to improve, this class will have you painting up pups in no time.

Outline Trim Simplified

Arielle Scavnicky

After winning multiple first place and best in show awards with “Furry and Fabulous” through the IJA’s “Rescue Me,” Arielle is equipped with the knowledge and experience to give you tips and tricks to master the outline trim. This live demo will show you, step-by-step, how easy it is to execute an award-winning trim at your own salon.

Korean Style, Please

Arisa Thomas

Do you scour the internet looking for inspiration for your next groom? Look no further! In this informative demonstration, Arisa Thomas will explain how she takes cute dogs from furry to Korean Style. She will show you how turn your clients into real-life teddy bears and achieve those perfect heads!

Add-Ons and Pricing

Joey Villani

In this one-hour class, Joey will go over the five must-do’s in order to run a professional, profitable and efficient salon or mobile operation. He will cover advertising, organization, professionalism, pricing, and continued business through rebooking.

Scissor Work 101 for the Everyday Groomer

Jay Batista

Bring your shears for this informative and interactive seminar! Jay Batista will start with the shear basics, including different types of metals, convex vs. bevel, and what type of shear to use for each coat type. He will teach you how to maintain proper posture, and how to handle your shears ergonomically to reduce strain on your hands and body. Jay believes that the secret to a perfect hand-scissored cut is snipping at a consistent pace. Practice pacing to a metronome with your own shears during this seminar and you will return to your salon with a new skill!

Elevating the Everyday Groom

Rachel Colant

Wondering how to elevate your basic haircuts into adorable, Instagramable grooms? Wanna get your clients on board with trying new styles that excite and inspire you? In this seminar, Rachel will share her tips and simple tweaks that you can apply on any coat type to add flair and set your everyday grooms apart without slowing down your workflow. She will discuss how to communicate with clients in a way that inspires trust and confidence and gives you the freedom to do more of the grooms that you love, and demonstrate the techniques to get you there.

Turn Your Lemons Into Lemonade: Making the Most of a Matted Coat

Shannon Tupes

Matted dogs are seen in the grooming salon all the time! In this live demo, Shannon will discuss time saving techniques to help get through those matted coats. She will share tips and tricks, including tool and product selection to help remove mats in order to have enough coat to put a stylish but practical trim on the dog. Shannon will also demonstrate an easy-to-maintain trim that can be done for those dogs that come into the salon that are not in the best condition. This practical and informative session can help you with everyday grooming at the salon.

What the Accidents Have Taught Me

Mary Oquendo

In this informative seminar, Mary will share specific incidents that can occur in the grooming salon. Understand how accidents happen in a professional grooming environment, how they could have been prevented, and go over what to do after to minimize the damage. These real-world incidents including dremeling, cut tongues, groomer injuries, mobile grooming accidents, wrong grooms, and more will be discussed.

Avoiding Business Owner Burnout

Jeremy Stamper

In this seminar, join Jeremy to discuss managing your mental health as a business owner. Topics like identifying micromanaging, being present in your business, prioritizing tasks, and creating a routine that will help you avoid stress will all be covered.