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Saturday Programs

I Can Blend That!

Rachel Colant

If seeing a drop-coated dog on your schedule makes you sweat, you're not alone. In this seminar, you will learn Rachel's approach to these difficult coat types to get a super smooth finish. She will cover the best tools, haircut lengths, and prep work to make these drop coats a breeze. A choppy coat can drive any groomer crazy, but with the right tools and techniques, you too will be able to blend that!

Grooming the Difficult Dog

Sue Watson

We all get them. You know the ones no other shop will do—the dog that gets passed from shop to shop. Sue does not pass those dogs to anyone; she grooms them! She will show you handling techniques that will help you groom these dogs, too. These clients will love you forever. Sue will also show you finishing techniques that will make those dogs with difficult coat types and the floppy, lifeless, choppy-looking drop-coated little dogs look better, and they will stay looking good longer.

Social Media WOW! Unleashing the Power of Impactful Online Presence

Gabriel Feitosa

With a following of over 2.2 M on TikTok and over 500K on Instagram, Gaberiel has got it going on! In today’s digitally connected world, social media is essential for communication and brand promotion. Whether you are looking to enhance your personal online presence or market your grooming business, Gabe has the details on how you can be authentic and resonate with your target audience. He will share his secrets to success by building compelling content within the grooming space. Bring a pen and paper, you will want to take notes!

Dental Health in Cats and Dogs

Dr. Tiffany Bierer

Dental disease is the number one health concern in both dogs and cats in the U.S. Not only does it result in gum and teeth issues, but advanced dental disease can also lead to other issues such as kidney and heart disease. This seminar will discuss the prevalence of dental disease, what causes it, and what can be done to manage dental disease in pets and keep their mouths clean, fresh, and healthy!

Nail Maintenance 101

Ralph Whitman

In this seminar on dog nail maintenance, Ralph will be discussing techniques, tools, safety, routine scheduling, reinforcing positive behavior, etc. He will cover the “What, Why, When, & Where” of this art of nail maintenance. This seminar will be open to questions as well as to sharing stories of all experiences surrounding dog nail maintenance. Hands-on demonstrations will also be performed.

Everyday 9-5 Grooming

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Let’s get in the flow and enjoy the workday! Join Kelsey Ann Sexton as she shares and demonstrates some quick tips to zhuzh up your everyday dog grooming routines. You will learn tips for home-grooming fixes that took out hair in all the wrong places and leaving hair in certain areas to give owners the fluffy illusion without sending home higher-maintenance grooms. She will also discuss tactics for strategic mat removal that keeps the dog comfortable and how to make even a shave-down look cute!

Let’s Groom the Havanese

Courtnie Lane Matthew

In this seminar, Courtnie will cover grooming of a Havanese including proper coat care and the effects of shaving. She will use her knowledge of the breed to demonstrate how to properly execute a groom, and share her tips, techniques, and tools to achieve the desired look. Once groomed, she will explain and guide you on how to keep the coat in the best condition possible.

Making Your Habits Work for You

Molly Rowland & Todd Rowland

Learn the basics of creating good habits and routines in every aspect of your business or career! Not just for business owners, but also groomers and/or managers, this course is designed to develop individual best practices in all areas of the grooming process. From check-in to check-out, and everything in between, you’ll learn the benefits that healthy habits can provide to the groomer, the pets, the process, your business, and customer satisfaction! Creating a routine with healthy habits not only saves time, but also has the potential to improve your work life, increase revenues, and create a positive environment for you, your team, your clients, and the pets in your care!

Turn Your Business Into a Brand

Joey Villani

Most professional groomers know how to groom, and they have some business skills, but there are certain aspects that are always left on the table—and usually are the most important. This seminar will help you figure out your target audience and make your business become a household brand that everyone in your neighborhood will recognize.

Doodles to Dollars

Dr. Cliff Faver

When you say the word “doodle” don’t be surprised if you get a negative response from a groomer. But why? Through many of our own actions, as well bad information from breeders, we have made this breed a dreaded groom. In this seminar, Dr. Faver will address ways of making the doodles and their issues more manageable by embracing the nature of the coat and hopefully make it a breed you look forward to grooming.

West Highland White Terrier

Judy Hudson

Westies are still as popular as they once were in most salons, but their owners are looking for groomers who understand and can create the ideal breed image. Judy will show you some shortcuts to create a manageable but ideal image with a twist, and with an emphasis on that recognizable face!

How Anatomy Relates to Grooming

Allison Alexander

Knowing the anatomy of your dogs is an essential part of grooming. For the most fantastic grooms, you must understand the basic structure of the dog, angulation, balance, and how the dog moves. We will teach you the basic anatomy of the dog of any breed, and how you can discern the structure of the dogs in your care. This seminar will also teach you how your new knowledge of anatomy is going to affect your grooming, and how to put this know-how into practice in the salon and in grooming competitions.

Fabulous First Impressions: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Winning Logo for Your Pet Biz

Vivi Diaz De Leon

Your logo is like a dog—it says A LOT about you. Is it making the best first impression about the grooming business you've worked so hard to build? Whether you already have a logo or are thinking about getting one, join Vivi as she walks you through important things to consider that are often overlooked. You'll learn about common logo design mistakes she frequently sees in the pet industry, best practices, and how to make your business stand out with a professional (and pawsonality-packed) brand.

Bring on the Brachycephalic Breeds!

Teri DiMarino

Anybody who has been “in dogs” for any period of time knows what a brachycephalic breed is. These dogs have short muzzles and broad heads and include such popular breeds as English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu’s, to name a few. These breeds come with their own set of issues that can cause problems, especially in the grooming process. They can have breathing problems, they do not handle heat well and those facial wrinkles need special care to keep them clean. Just washing the face of one of these breeds can be a challenge! Teri will focus on some of the problems unique to these breeds and how we can overcome these issues in the salon, sending out a clean, well-groomed dog with a sweet looking and smelling face.

Principles, Techniques, and Applications of Grooming Ergonomics

Chris Anthony

We know by now that ergonomics is more than a buzzword, but how does it apply to our everyday grooming lives? This seminar will explain & demystify ergonomics, focusing on how it directly relates to our everyday grooming, including tools, posture, and stretches designed to keep you healthy and pain-free. We will also cover where safety and ergonomics meet in the grooming salon and discuss ergonomics cousin, PPE. Hear what experts in the field of ergonomics have to say about grooming smarter and healthier. Learn how to use this science to care for your most irreplaceable tool: YOU!

Heads Up! Expressions and Personality

Mackensie Murphy

Our clients love those little faces staring up at them from the food bowls at dinner time, and it’s our job to make them as cute as we can! Watch as Mackensie shows you how to perfect the faces and capture the expression on multiple different breeds. From doodles to Shih Tzus and everything in between, she will teach blending techniques and new ideas to give our favorite pets a face lift!

Handstripping with Grace

Grazia Adriani

Once almost a dying art, hand-stripping has made a big comeback in the past few years. More and more owners are wanting their dogs hand-stripped to maintain coat and skin health, and it’s hard to find groomers that know this technique. In this seminar, Grace will teach you the fundamentals of hand-stripping, explaining what the different tools are, how to use them, the proper technique, what all the different terms mean, how to take care of a wire coat, and how to schedule them and charge for your time. The objective of this class is to give you a solid foundation so you can have the confidence to start practicing and building your hand-stripping skills into a solid income revenue stream. Grace will also have a variety of hand-stripping tools and giveaways courtesy of Artero USA.

Troubleshooting Employee Issues

Denise Heroux

Do you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall managing people? Does it leave you questioning having employees? If yes, then this seminar is for you! Denise will discuss some of the most common problems that employers run into with having employees. This seminar will also help you strategize ways to confront them head on and move forward to a stronger team.

Quick and Trendy Abstract

Alyssa Kasiba

In this seminar, Alyssa will show you the art of abstract—from designing to layout to execution. Learn how to add lines and swirls into your beautiful grooms to spice up your daily pet trims. You’ll also learn the basics from coat carving to the competition ring, and even some added bonuses on how to get on the abstract runway stage, just like Hershey’s biggest runway stage of gorgeous pups!

JRG Business Magic

Jess Rona

The success of a business is a direct reflection of its leader. This course will help you learn to embody the version of yourself that generates wealth, mindfulness, and joy in your business. You will learn Jess’s concepts and practices that will help you cultivate a mindset so you can build a thriving, healthy grooming business. Jess will give you the tools and resources to create an abundance mindset- and success-centered routines and strategies to attract and keep ideal clients, and create a community of raving fans. She will also provide tips for social media creation and maintenance for busy business owners.