Saturday Programs

Difficult Dogs – Tips and Tricks to Dealing With Dogs That Hate You

Angela Anderson

Turn dogs that hate you into dogs that like you. You know those customers "he hates me brushing him - but he would NEVER bite..." or the ones who say "she is just a little timid, but wouldn't hurt a fly"... Both those statements can send you to update the medical kit faster than a dog when it hears a cheese wrapper.

Learn to see the warning signs, which dogs are more of a risk - (it's not breed specific), how to keep yourself safe with handling and psychology techniques as well as tools and tricks to get the job done.

Groomer Health & Ergonomics

Dr. Jim Warner

At the end of the day, your shoulders hurt, your feet hurt, and your wrists are killing you? Dr. Jim will talk about ergonomics that can help you every day at work: how you stand, how you hold your clippers and brushes, and scissors and scissor styles which are good for your wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck. He will also give some exercise and stretches to help keep your body happy. Dr. Jim will cover the do’s and don’ts of back and Carpal Tunnel safety! Did you know there is a specific vitamin that helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? How much protein is enough? Is butter or margarine better for you? What 4 vitamins everyone needs to take and why. Are your vitamins because of when you take them? Learn how to take better care of yourself and make work easier because you feel better! Learn about better ergonomics and nutrition from a Doctor with years of experience. Keep your most important asset in good shape.

Scissor, Clipper and Blade Maintenance Clinic

Ralph Whitman

Ralph will show you the difference in scissors verses application, including scissor handling techniques that enhance performance and durability. You will explore clipper and blade maintenance to increase clipper and blade longevity. Ralph will explain the benefits of the pet safe blade cleaner/storage solution The Redip. Experience the revolutionary Diamastripper tool that will transform the standards of the stripping industry.

Asian Fusion 101

Olga Zabelinskaya

Asian Fusion is a very popular, innovative, one of a kind, "different" way of dog grooming. Olga will show you and explain how to make your or your customers’ dogs looks like a baby dolls, teddy bears or stuffed animals. Japanese or Asian style of grooming helps to "sell" your grooms, attract new customers and bring your grooming ability one step up to a creative way of dog grooming.

Scissor Over Comb Technique: The Jonathan David Way!

Jonathan David

This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well-known thinning shear "Scissor Over Comb Technique". He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair.

Skin and Hair 101

Dr. Cliff Faver

The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs four basic elements to survive. Without these elements the skin is destined to problems. Join Dr. Cliff in this informative seminar to learn the importance of sebum and what the groomer’s role is in taking care of it.

Managing Pet Groomers to Operational Excellence

Marco Lalau

During this hour-long seminar I will give you the one secret that all the top performing salons have in common. Operating a grooming salon to excellence is simpler than many people think and if done well can make your salon very profitable. In fact, majority of Grooming salon owners do not complain about the amount of business but mostly the lack of skilled groomers to perform the job, yet very little of us spend the time to improve our day to day operations.

Getting Creative with Adriane

Adriane Pope

Come and pick Adriane’s brain about how to do something simple or over the top. Find out how to get started and how to finish your masterpiece no matter how little or how grand.

The Art of Pet Retailing

Leel Michelle

This seminar is for anyone who has ever wanted to add or improve retail sales in their salon. Leel shares her pet boutique retailing tips, techniques, and favorite vendors that have helped her as well as countless pet grooming salons nationwide. This session will include how merchandising, the power of signage, lighting, marketing, ordering inventory and retailing basics will improve your retail sales.

Secrets of the Westie Pet Trim

Jennifer Lee

The West Highland Terrier is a happy, loyal and entertaining breed with a distinguished look. This comprehensive class will teach you a complete grooming guide for the Westie that can be implemented in your pet trims. Jennifer will show you the proper techniques and right tools to groom this lovely breed. She will explain how to get that distinguished round shape of the head with proper techniques and the right grooming products.

I Want That: Find Out What's Hot and How to Use Them

Cheryl Purcell

Seems like every time you open a catalog there’s some new grooming tool. Ever wonder if they're for you? Well, Cheryl, a self-proclaimed gadget junkie, is here to let you know what's worth trying, what you just can’t live without, and how to use them correctly. Also, learn how to groom more efficiently and with less stress.

Pricing, Scheduling and Maintenance for Success in Mobile Grooming

Shaffia Galis-Menendez

Successful Mobile groomers know that in order to have a great business, they need certain things. In this seminar we will discuss those certain things and put together an easy to follow checklist for the proper way to run your Mobile grooming business and have financial, as well as work satisfaction. Pricing, scheduling and routing as well as van maintenance are crucial to running a business smoothly. Shaffia will show you what she has herself done for years, and how she still has, a successful Mobile grooming business of her own.

5 Easy Cat Grooming Services You Can Learn Right Away!

Melissa Hall

Live cat grooming demonstrations will be performed in this lecture; popular, basic cat grooming services that most anyone can learn to do in a relatively short amount of time. These are money making services you can learn quickly to build your cat clientele. She will share insight on how she went from grooming 0-500 cats in her salon, most of her cat clientele on 4-6 week grooming schedules. Melissa will demonstrate cat grooming while taking questions from the audience in an interactive format.

Handstripping 101

Valerie Partynski

In this seminar, Valerie will teach you how to hold your tools correctly, how to strip a blown coat, and how to start and maintain a rolled coat. She will also show examples of why handstripping is so important for breeds with wiry coats, and how learning this specialty will make you an asset to your area and salon. From learning the products and tools, to proper techniques, you will walk away feeling excited to try it on your own.

Super Styling Heads

Jay Scruggs

First impressions are everything in the art of grooming. The first thing your client should see when the dog is groomed is a great expression. In this informative four-hour seminar Jay will take you through the grooming steps of up to 3 different head styles. You will learn breed specific techniques as well as different head style options. This seminar is for those groomers who want to fine tune their techniques to wow their clients immediately upon seeing their dog.

The Mindful Groomer: Achieving Balance Throughout Your Entire Grooming Process

Dave Campanella

It’s easy to overlook the intricate process of professional grooming. Dave will identify the key elements required to manage a stress-free grooming environment. Not understanding these elements can make for an up-hill struggle of “trial and error”, not to mention unnecessary physical and mental anguish often leading to burn out or failure. Dave’s visual presentation and discussion will illustrate how simple coat & skin facts, basic hair care chemistry, and scientifically proven methods relate to developing a more mindful grooming protocol for mastering one’s tools, equipment, techniques, safety and health. Balancing these elements will help you manage a more successful and effective business overall.

Be Ready for Groomer Laws

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

Many states are proposing bills to license groomers or which will ask for mandatory certification. These states are incorporating the PPGSA Standards of Care, Safety and Sanitation. Learn about these standards and how you can meet them in your salon. Know how to respond to your customers’ questions when dogs are injured at other salons and it is all over the news and social media. Build in more customer control by letting your customers know YOU have furthered your education to keep their pets safe. Get tips to protect yourself from negative fallout when bad things happen. Every groomer can teach their clients the importance of safe, happy pets at the grooming salon. The more you know, the more loyal your clients will be!

This class will also help you decide if certification is for you. The IPG Certified Professional Groomer is PPGSA approved! * 
*Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance, your advocate for better groomer legislation!

Sporting Michell’s Way

Michell Evans

There are multiple techniques applied to Sporting breeds. In this demo, Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor, will explain how to properly work the short double coat on the jacket and how to achieve natural looking furnishings. She will discuss bathing and drying the coat as well as demonstrate how to rake, card, thin and trim the coat. The techniques learned in this class can be applied to many breeds in the Sporting group as well as many breeds in other groups. Join Michell to learn the difference between shaving the back coat and working the back coat!

Super Short Styles for Drop Coats

Sue Zecco

As professional stylists, we hate to hear those words "take it all off". This is one phrase that takes most of the creativity and expertise out of our job. In this seminar, Sue will show "short styles" that still represent your reputation as a stylist. This seminar will include quick tips to do nice, short trims on drop coats without shaving the pets with a blade. This is a must see for all stylists!