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Friday Programs

Hair and Skin 101 Certificate Course

Dr. Cliff Faver

Learn the science, techniques, and product types to successfully put the “why” in what you do. This course is a must for groomers, bathers, and office personnel in the grooming shop and veterinary clinic alike. Come see what some say can’t be done! Real-time cases done by groomers will be shared.

1) Understanding Hair and Skin

Learn the basic anatomy and function of the skin and hair. This is a critical foundation for this class and everything a groomer or bather does. This hour will explain a lot of the science about how nutrition, sebum, and basic anatomy work so you can understand the “why” in what you do.

2) Understanding the Difference in Coat Types and The Protocols to Use

In this class you will learn the needs of the different coat types so you can make better decisions in the product types you pick for maximum results.

3) Understanding Common Things That Go Wrong and That Lead To Skin issues

Always wonder why these skin conditions occur and reoccur? Does technique play a factor? Could I have caused that issue? When the client or veterinarian accused me of causing the issue, is that true?

4) The Science to Follow in Treating Skin Issues

Learn methods, techniques, and types of products to fix the skin problems when they occur. Learn principles that will lead to success when treating skin issues, how to grow hair back on those shaved-down dogs, and why steroids and antibiotics and the typical therapies for skin don’t always work.

Come learn how as a groomer you can make a difference and save lives.

The Encyclopedia of Dogs

Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

We have chosen to make the noble and rewarding task of caring for dogs our life's work. Yet, science has dramatically changed what we know about the dog in recent years. The in-depth information in this engaging and compelling program will be transformative, not only in how we view the dog, but in everything related to how we interact with them. This four-hour class will equip you with information and insight about the dog that is rarely available outside the academic setting. This class will cover fascinating scientific discoveries about the dog in topics that range from A to Z, including Anatomy, Breeds, Coat Types, Domestication Evolution, Functions, Grooming Needs, Handling, etc., all the way to Zoonotics. Important scientific advances in our understanding of the dog will inform your daily interactions with humanity's Best Friend. You will not want to miss this exciting look into the world of dogs!

The Perfect Creative

Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Creative color can be fun, safe, and easy if you know the proper techniques and products—or quite the opposite if you do not. It can also be elegant and sophisticated if done well. In this class, creative experts Angela Kumpe and Adriane Pope will teach you how to achieve the perfect creative groom every time. They will cover all the products, techniques, and tools you need to be successful in offering creative color to your clients. They will show you different levels of creative styling from how to add a perfectly executed quick touch of color to a more time-consuming detailed design. This class is good for groomers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned stylist. Multiple dogs will be done live as well as several video tutorials through the use of a PowerPoint presentation.

Efficient Grooming: Trimming Time for Success

Tammy Siert

Time is money! In this seminar Tammy will show you tips and tools for maximizing your grooming time. With a live demo, we look at ways to use clippers to cut down scissor time and other techniques to get the same time-tested quality grooms your clients deserve. Cutting time doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, let Tammy show you the way!

The Grooming Business: Not Just a Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the grooming business, on the topic of running a more efficient operation. Lots of information will be covered in condensed form, so take lots of notes on this one! Time will be well spent in this class!

Pricing for Profit

Elli Bultemeier

Money, money, money! I don’t know about you, but the song comes to mind quickly. Yeah, you know you just sang it! But what are we afraid of? We are in business to make money. Prices are rising everywhere around us, and it’s our turn to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start thriving. Let’s unpack how to use our pricing models to generate the most and create a healthy living.

Really Real Retail

Corina Stammworthy

You don’t need to go all in on huge inventory to begin your retail journey. Learn how to start retail from nothing and intentionally grow it based on your customers’ needs and likes. We’ll cover techniques such as add-ons to a groom, impulse buys, and storytelling through merchandising. Enjoy a new passive income stream for your business that is not labor intensive.

Asian Styles: Teddy Bear Faces

Olga Zabelinskaya

Join Olga as she explains Asian-style faces and techniques. Learn how to achieve the sought-after cute expressions that resemble a living teddy bear. Spend an hour with a fusion expert while she shares her tips and tricks for you to take back and implement in your shop.

Super Styling Heads

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

First impressions are everything in the art of grooming. The first thing your client should see when the dog is groomed is a great expression. In this informative seminar, Sue and Jay will take you through the grooming steps of a few different head styles. You will learn breed-specific techniques as well as different head style options. This seminar is for those groomers who want to fine tune their techniques and wow their clients immediately upon seeing their dog.

Theory of Different Headpieces

Grazia Adriani

Eyebrows, falls, beards! There are subtle differences between Lakies, Welsh, & Wire Fox Terriers. Nailing those differences is not easy! Join Grazia Adriani, one of GroomTeam USA’s travel members, for this seminar on terrier heads. Grace will demonstrate and explain the differences between each of these terriers and show you how to achieve the look that is so particular to each one of them.

Putting Personality in Shih Tzu and Mixed Breed Heads

Sue Watson

Do you have problems getting that right look on the little characters you are working on? If so, Sue will show you some different ways to capture the best look for the dog you are having difficulty with. “Sometimes when you see the same dogs all the time you tend to put the same face on all of them, but they are all different and should look that way,” says Sue. Come see if you can learn something new or even add suggestions to others.

Friday Evening

Long to Short Styling Doodle Trims

Rachel Colant & Elizabeth Gibbs

In this two-hour class, Rachel and Elizabeth will be covering the ins and outs of doodle grooming styles. We know one size does not fit all—from pet owners who like a long, fancy trim, to those who prefer a simple stylish salon trim. Elizabeth and Rachel will share their favorite tools, prepping tips, owner communication, and two different haircut styles so your doodles can leave your salon with a styled trim that can be managed at home!

Handstripping for Your Everyday Grooming

Victor Rosado

Explore the world of handstripping and learn how to apply it to your everyday grooming with the Handstripping Travel Team member of the World Champion Gold-winning Team in Belgium 2017, Victor Rosado! This ancient technique gains popularity today as the groomers explore the benefits of this scientific grooming method. Learn the basics and more advanced methods that will give you more options to offer to your clients in this is a two-hour seminar with a live demo.

It’s Not That Complicated

Nick Sklar & Lis Johnston

The grooming world is filled with endless expanses of knowledge and opinion, but how do you know who to ask and what decisions to make? In this intimate seminar, Lis and Nick, with their over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience, are not going to break it down to the nitty-gritty, so bring your burning questions and get answers. Nick will help you choose the best tools to get started so you can head to the trade show with the right questions to ask and where to use your budget. Lis will share how she finds dogs to compete with, how she manages a full grooming schedule and running two successful salons, and is still able to make it to the competitions. There will be plenty of time for discussion and helpful tips on how to get your foot in the door without getting the wind knocked out of you. Lis and Nick will give you the tools to step into this industry with confidence, and show you that it’s really not that complicated!

Barkleigh Pet Professional First Aid & CPR Certificate Course

Kelsey Ann Sexton

As a pet care professional, you want to be equipped with the skills to handle medical emergencies that arise while a pet is in your care. Whether a pet becomes ill, injured, or needs help in a disaster, this course will teach you how to respond.

In this two hour course, you will learn how to stock a first aid kit, perform CPR, respond to breathing and heart emergencies (including choking), and disaster procedures, with some of these exercises being demonstrated on a live dog. This unique course is customized for pet care professionals and you will learn how to respond to emergencies specific to your industry. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a frameable certificate stating that you are certified in Pet Professional First Aid & CPR.