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Friday Programs

Canine Massage Certificate Course

Malissa Conti-Diener

Join Malissa Conti-Diener in this certificate class that will show you how to add pet massage techniques to your current grooming business. She will cover anatomy & physiology, touch points and how to utilize them, basic tub and table massage techniques, reflexology and acupressure. Learn how to calm and balance the pet before, during and after the grooming session.

The first hour of this course will be an intro to pet massage and will cover the history and importance, canine anatomy & physiology, basics on the skeletal and muscular systems and safety for the pet and the practitioner. The second hour will go over massage techniques, the four foundation strokes of massage, and touch points for calming and relaxing the pet. The third hour of this certificate course will review reflexology and acupressure, tub massage techniques, and table massage techniques. The last hour of this course will go over the business side of enhancing your spa services with pet massage and adding pet massage to your services.

Creative Safety Certification Course

Lori Craig & Angela Kumpe

Lori Craig, founder and president of the Creative Groomers Association, and Angela Kumpe, VP of the Creative Groomers Association, will teach this all-day creative safety certification class. They will cover safety protocols for all types of creative color and accessories, release forms, product ingredients, product research, and proper application. There will be PowerPoint and live demonstrations for safe, proper application and techniques.

Groomer Assistant Certificate Course

Michell Evans

In this six-hour course, Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor, will cover everything you need to know to advance from Brusher Bather to Groomer Assistant. A reliable, skilled Groomer Assistant is one of the most valuable assets in a grooming salon. Job security and higher pay are just some of the many benefits you should expect with the improvement and advancement of your skills, productivity and professionalism.

Michell will cover professionalism, customer service, partnership and team member skills, as well as advanced bathing techniques, medicated shampoo applications, ear plucking and cleaning, and anal gland expression. She will also cover advanced drying techniques, starting with high velocity drying and moving onto fluff drying, dematting and deshedding.

You will learn how to perform all aspects of a “Bath and Tidy,” starting with compliant and noncompliant dog handling techniques, as well as trimming of pads, butts, genitalia, eyes, ears, tails, bangs, chins, underlines, feet and pants, and nail clipping and filing. Also included will be anatomy, basic clipper and scissor techniques, applications and selections, as well as brushing, combing, grooming aids and much more.

Even if you are already performing the duties of a Groomer Assistant, this course is a good refresher. It is certainly an excellent building block toward becoming an expert Groomer Assistant! To receive a certificate for this course, attendees must be preset for all six hours of this seminar.

Bichon in a Nontraditional Style

Olga Zabelinskaya

Bichons are one of the most stunning breeds and Olga has made her mark all over the world with her award-winning Bichon grooms. Olga is also known for all her "modern styles" grooming seminars and magazines. So, in this seminar she takes one of her favorite breeds and grooms them to be cute and cuddly by accentuating their beautiful features. Olga will share her knowledge of balancing breed profiles while giving them their own unique personality through their trim.

Skill-Up: Bichon Frise

Tammy Siert

Learn with Tammy Siert as she shows you the ins and outs of the Bichon Frise pet groom. Tammy will demonstrate how to achieve the iconic Bichon Frise look in a more practical and easy to maintain groom. This trim, using attachment combs, is efficient and mindful of what makes a Bichon look like a Bichon. Join Tammy as she shares her skills and knowledge for success on this popular breed.

The Bubbly Bichon

Jonathan David

The Bichon Frise is one of the most animated, bouncy breeds we know. Their soft curves and unique style are always a head-turner. While this trim can seem overwhelming, once you understand the lines, you'll love doing this cut. In this one-hour live dog seminar, Jonathan will talk about the proper profile and demonstrate techniques to achieve that continuous, rounded profile of this truly beautiful breed. The seminar will finish off with a demonstration of the "tricks" to achieve the round, devilish expression of the Bichon Frise head.

Super Styling the Bichon Frise

Jay Scruggs

Getting the proper breed profile and balance in some dogs is more difficult than in others. The Bichon Frise can fall into the latter category, unless you're equipped with the knowledge and skills incorporated by Jay. You'll learn how to use snap-on combs to establish breed profile and balance in half the time you'd otherwise have to spend. Using these scissor and thinning shear techniques, you'll create the perfect Bichon head, and achieve the beautiful Bichon expression.

Friday Evening

Groomer Assistant Certificate Course (Continues)

Michell Evans

Grooming the Difficult Dog

Sue Watson

We all get them. You know the ones no other shop will do—the dog that gets passed from shop to shop. Sue doesn't pass those dogs to anyone; she grooms them! Sue will show you handling techniques that will help you groom these dogs too. These clients will love you forever. She will show you finishing techniques that will make those dogs with difficult coat types and the floppy, lifeless, choppy-looking drop-coated little dogs look better, and they will stay looking good longer.