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Friday Programs

Carving Your Way to Increased Revenue

Milena Kon

Come join Milena, multi-award winner in Abstract Runway, in this simple yet intriguing carving class where she will be demonstrating the use of different blades and techniques to achieve that elegant look that will simply amaze your clients. This class will open a new revenue stream for your shop or mobile, as it offers you new ideas on how to get creative with simply learning these simple carving techniques. Go ahead and give it a try, and see your income rise. Then you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Shih Tzu Mix Makeover

Chris Anthony

One of the most popular mixed breeds we see in our salons continue to be Shih Tzu mixes. In this seminar, Chris Anthony will show you a simple method to add style to small mixed breeds without adding more maintenance for the pet owner. Join Chris to learn how to style those cute teddy bear faces and stylish little bums!

Conquer Bad Hair Days Forever: The Truth About Coat Damage

Dave Campanella

We struggle with grooming scenarios on a daily basis. Many opinions, techniques, tools and products attempt to tackle these challenges. We will review a video and hair samples taken and analyzed with electron microscopy, observe coat damage, mats, tangles and undercoat from several common coat types up-close as never seen before. This data provides keen insight that leads to guaranteed results! Learn how to safely release more shedding and mats while avoiding the risk of further coat damage and messes, eliminate pre-brushing and reduce stress. Create a much calmer environment by avoiding muscle strain and/or injury to you and your client dogs. Save time and earn more just by understanding coat damage!

The Invisible Grooming

Victor Rosado

Join Victor in this one-of-a-kind training seminar that features the art of invisible grooming. Done properly, this can bring in big revenue to your grooming practice. This is a must-see seminar that will help you to understand the use of some specific tools to achieve a more natural look, the way it is required in many breeds. Invisible grooming will help you to set a profile with seamless transitions.

Cat-Safe Salon

Linda Easton

In this seminar, Linda will give tips on setting up a bathing and grooming station to work on cats. Security and cleaning is different for cats; many “dog safe” products are “cat dangerous.” Learn safe cleaning, special salon set-up ideas, and cat-safe equipment. Cat-safe products are an important key to grooming cats safely. Be the expert!

Meow Wow: Equipment Best Suited for Cats

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour course, Master groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, offers you food for thought on cat grooming: What are the “must haves?” Why invest so much? What is right for me and my cat clients? Where to purchase from and why?

Understanding Feline Behavior

Linda Easton

Cats are not dogs. Learn to read their body language to make your job easier and more fun! In this seminar, you’ll learn about cat behavior and body language, including the “stay away” and “come close” signals cats give and how to respond.

Meow Wow: Stop Poisoning Your Cats!

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour course, Master groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, gives great insight to what household products are slowly poisoning our feline companions and how to spot the symptoms. She also explains how to clean your own equipment and work space safely.

Super Styling the Doodle

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

"Designer Breeds," like doodles, quickly became popular, and every groomer should know how to groom and maintain them. There is some challenge involved by deciding how to best groom them to accommodate and please your customers, while also making it easy to maintain for you and the owner. In this seminar, Jay will show you how to create a cute and stylish pet trim by using thinning shear and scissor techniques that are quick and easy to apply in your shop.

Holy Doodle!

Barbara Prueckel

We can all agree that Doodles are here to stay! These dogs can be challenging for groomers for many reasons. This is the first time that we have had a “breed” in our industry that has taken over the new client list tenfold. With so many sizes and coat textures, it is impossible to handle each client the same. In this seminar, Barb will cover different coat types, haircuts, pricing, and more. At least we can all agree that they are a huge moneymaker—if quotes and timesaving techniques come into play. They really are a lovable breed, all around.

Oddles of Doodles

Judy Hudson

Doodles are all the rage! Although we know them as mixed breeds, our clients have paid big bucks for a cross of crazy coat types and challenges that need special techniques and understanding by pet care professionals. But how do you make them look their best and create a manageable outline? Enjoy Judy as she takes you through a variety of ideas in a live grooming demo.

Huh? What Kind of Doodle is it?

Tammy Siert

Having trouble determining what kind of doodle your client has or the coat type? Tammy will give a short PowerPoint on the different doodles coming in our salons and the coat types, textures, and styles clients are requesting. She will also give suggestions on dealing with clients that insist on having inches of hair on their dogs but won’t maintain their coat at home. Additionally, she will do a demo on a Golden Doodle and show you shortcuts using clipper techniques.

AKC Certificate Course: The Australian Shepherd

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

Join breeder, handler Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins for this seminar that takes you on a journey to develop the ability to study, understand, interpret, and transfer the breed standards of the Australian Shepherd. Learn the history, structure, unique traits, and conformation of this beautiful breed. Jennifer will also live-demo an Aussie in a show trim for you, sharing the tools she used to create the perfect breed profile. In addition, it will include a video of other prominent Aussie show breeders on the AKC circuit.

AKC Advanced S.A.F.E. Program

Corina Stammworthy

The American Kennel Club recognizes that grooming is important to the overall health, comfort and well-being of pets. Setting the standard in grooming safety to ensure these needs are met for all pets in salon, The AKC is proud to offer the Safety in Salons Certification Program to groomers and salons.

As reputable and quality pet care professionals, groomers should consider the safety and welfare of the pets entrusted to their care. The Safety in Salon course will review best practices focusing on pet care, health, and safety. Topics covered include accident avoidance, disease awareness, and sanitation.

This course builds off the AKC Safety in the Salon curriculum and it is required as a prerequisite before taking this class. This follow up course will cover more advanced topics in sanitation, emergency preparation, and salon best practices.

Friday Evening

The Poodle Done Fast and to Profile

Judy Hudson

Judy will demonstrate a great Poodle trim using only clippers, universal combs, and blades. This trim is great for a multitude of coat types and breeds. Learning how to utilize all of your tools will save you time and wear and tear on your body from repetition of scissoring. This session is more valuable than you think!

Financial Security?

Angela Kumpe

The grooming industry has many self-employed professionals as many of us branch out on our own and open a salon or mobile business. But many also work at salons with little or no benefits or as a 10-99 contracted laborer. In this class, you will not learn whether you should work for 1099 or W-2, but you will learn some ways to make sure that you're financially secure in the future. Will you be able to retire? What if you're injured and can't work? If you're a business owner, do you have money put up for emergency situation? Angela is not a CPA nor a financial advisor, but she can share with you what she has learned over the years and how she’s made sure that she will be financially secure in the future.

Asian Freestyle Grooming

Cat Opson

It's been a long time since a trend has swept so quickly through the grooming industry like Asian Freestyle grooming has. The adorable looks are fun for the groomer and client, but can be so much more than that. Asian Freestyle grooming is the perfect way to leave an impression with everyone that sees the dog. In this demo, Cat will show you how to do an Asian-style teddy bear trim on any dog that you are working on. She will also teach you how to introduce the style to your clients.

Barkleigh Pet Professional First Aid & CPR Certificate Course (Repeated from Thursday)

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Kelsey Ann Sexton is an award winning Nationally Certified Groomer with almost two decades of Professional Pet Grooming experience. She owns an award winning salon outside of Nashville, TN that focuses on customer relationships for routine grooming services. She's also a member of Foxy Roxy Supply Company's Pro Team. Kelsey was nominated for Barkleigh Honors Speaker of the Year in 2022 and has a passion for continued education in the Pet Grooming Industry.

In this two hour course, you will learn how to stock a first aid kit, perform CPR, respond to breathing and heart emergencies (including choking), and disaster procedures, with some of these exercises being demonstrated on a demo dog. This unique course is customized for pet care professionals and you will learn how to respond to emergencies specific to your industry. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a frameable certificate stating that you are certified in Pet Professional First Aid & CPR.