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Saturday Programs

Say This, Not That

Khris Berry

Ever wonder what you could have or should have said in common pet grooming situations? This is a comical (and occasionally serious) approach to real life salon situations. Grab a notebook and leave equipped with responses to comments such as "I don't want my dog to look like...", "He's a rescue", "I don't like this haircut", "But they are cheaper down the street", "I need a discount because I have 4 dogs", and so many more. This fast paced and action-packed hour promises to entertain and enlighten you!

Poodle In A German

Jonathan David

Poodles are one of the most easily recognized breeds and a breed we groom most often. But many customers don't like the feminine look of the most well-known American trims. A German trim is a great alternative for those fickle customers or those with a male dog. In this one-hour scissoring seminar, Jonathan will demonstrate how to set the lines of this beautiful trim and he will discuss the differences of this striking trim compared to other popular poodle cuts.

Salon Safety: Your Number One Priority

Marco Lalau

Safety mishaps can close your salon down and, at worst, cause bankruptcy. During this hour seminar, Marco will help grooming salon owners and managers keep their staff safe and avoid costly accidents. This is a must-see seminar for anyone owning or managing a salon in California.

Asian Fusion

Jennifer Lee

Asian fusion grooming is a new trend of a pet grooming worldwide. In this seminar, Jennifer will explain how it all came about and reveal a few new tips for those who are willing to try it themselves at their salons. Also, Jennifer will talk about balance and symmetry as well as how to emphasize this unique trim with accessories.

A Petri Dish For Disease

Dr. Cliff Faver

Ever wonder what “beasties” are lurking around your grooming salon? What about the risks to the pets, to you, or your family? What you don’t know can hurt you! We will also address some of the myths/misconceptions from a scientific approach of some of the disease processes we commonly are exposed to. You will learn some of the common hazards you are faced with and common sense ways to minimize your exposure to them.

For The Shear Joy Of It

Dara Forleo

Seeing that pretty dog that just left your shop, clean and neat, is such a great feeling. Do you care for your shears and blades like you care for the pet? This seminar focuses on the “dos and don’ts” and “ins and outs” of shear and blade maintenance. Your hands, thumb and wrist will thank you.

Mobile Grooming Tips And Tricks

Angela Kumpe

Angela will share advice, tips and tricks on many topics of Mobile Grooming. These bits of information can help you while you build a successful mobile grooming business. Some of these topics include scheduling, increasing tips, invoicing, price increases, setting rules and sticking to them, marketing, cancelations, add on services, latch key services, and much more.

The Hiring And Firing Of Both Employees And Customers

Ryan Mulcahy

Would you like to actually take a day off or even a vacation, without having to close your business? Ryan will talk about what to look for in hiring people and how to tell if they will be a good fit for your business, beyond just grooming dogs. Also, how to develop that employee into the superstar you can trust to run the show while you are away. On the customer end, Ryan will discuss the how’s and why’s new customers come to your business and to decide if this is business you want. Alternatively, how and when to decide to cut ties with an employee, as well as that troublesome customer.

Snap On Tricks

Barbara Prueckel

Barb will demonstrate how to use your snap on combs to save time and energy on your clients daily. Styling dogs to show off their greatest assets has never been easier than it is now with the combs available to groomers.

She will show you how to easily create a stylized appearance without the effort of hand scissoring in the angles. Let’s make our lives a whole lot easier, and our clients much happier!

Gizmos And Gadgets For Groomers

Cheryl Purcell

You’ve seen all those new tools, now find out how to use them! It seems like every time you open a catalog there’s some new grooming tool. Ever wonder if they're for you? Well, Cheryl, a self-proclaimed gadget junkie, is here to let you know what's worth trying, what you just can’t live without and how to use the tools correctly. Learn how to groom more efficiently, and with less stress.

Stress-Less Grooming For People And Pets

Linda Easton

Slow down and be a little less demanding of your doggie clients and it will make your day go much easier. Let Linda show you some ideas to help dogs relax and behave while in your shop. Good dogs make happy groomers. Learn handling techniques to make Cockers a pleasure to have in your salon; new puppies coming in for the first time… large, possibly aggressive dogs…. Scared dogs…. Linda’s “two hands-on” technique will make grooming safer and calmer.

When Your Client Wants You To Be A Vet

Dr. Cliff Faver

Why do my clients ask me vet questions? If I answer them, could I get in trouble? How do I answer the questions so I don’t upset the vet? These are all questions we ask ourselves from time to time. Come and learn what you can and can’t say legally and when to refer cases versus handle them yourself. We will also talk about when the vet blames you for causing issues. Did I really cause it or is he looking for a scapegoat? We will also discuss strategies on getting veterinarians to work with groomers.

25 Things Every Groomer Should Know

Barb Hoover

If you’re new to grooming or have been doing it as long as Barb, you’re sure to learn something new in this class where Barb will share some insider secrets to help you out in various situations that may arise. From equipment maintenance to how to deal with disgruntled customers, this class will help you be prepared for all the expected and unexpected things that can arise in a grooming salon.

Putting Personality In Shih Tzu And Mixed Breed Heads

Sue Watson

Do you have problems getting that right look on the little characters you are working on? If so, Sue will show you some different ways to capture the best look for the dog you are having difficulty with. “Sometimes when you see the same dogs all the time you tend to put the same face on all of them, but they are all different and should look that way,” says Sue. Come see if you can learn something new or even add suggestions to others.

Faster, Better, Lower Cost Baths With Shampoo Dispensing Systems

Dan Williams

All the way from the most simple to most complicated systems, each of the primary types of shampoo dispensing systems will be reviewed with respect to “Pros and Cons”. This includes gallon hand pump, 32oz mixing bottle, open tub sump pump, compressed air tank, venturi type gallon draw, and diaphragm pump reservoir type systems. Each of these systems offers unique benefits that relate to a faster, better, lower cost bath. Maintenance and care for each type of system will be discussed. This presentation helps shop owners finalize their shampoo dispensing system decision and also enables pet groomers to have the confidence to dig deeper into the shampoo system that they are considering recommending or investing in.

8 Key Things You Must Do Well On Facebook To Grow Your Grooming Business

Bella Vasta

Have you ever been frustrated by not getting leads for new customers like you want? Wish you knew how to make Facebook not suck all of your time? You won't want to miss this! Bella Vasta will share practical key systems you can put in place that will help you maximize the results you can get using the powerful place of Facebook to get more phone calls, messages and positive branding for your grooming business.

Everyday Temporary Color And Accessories

Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Learn easy, simple and profitable creative grooming and accessories that you can do in your shop. Angela Kumpe and Adriane Pope will teach you everything from temporary colors to accessories. You will leave this class with the inspiration and knowledge to get started in creative color and easy accessories that will set you apart from the rest.

Keeping Style In A Short Clip On Drop Coats

Lisa Leady

“I don’t like dogs that look like they are standing on sticks, just because the owner wants the pet short,” says Lisa Leady, a top competitive groomer and Groomer Has It Star. “Groomers need to show some style and ability, even on a pet groom. Styling is becoming a lost art, and I want to show groomers that you can still give a pet a short trim while maintaining a great look, appeal and showing some skill.” Drop Coats can be trimmed so many ways so let Lisa get you out of your rut and into some stylish trims.

Personality Plus

Jill Pipino

Does your salon see a lot of Maltese or Yorkie mixes? Are you bored with the same haircuts? Have you ever wondered what you could do different? Jill will show you three different styles on the same dog to add some pizazz and style to your drop coated designer dogs without a lot of time and effort.

Don’t Give It Away! How Much Are You Worth An Hour?

Cheryl Purcell

Many groomers set their prices by what the shop down the street charges. 
That’s not how we should be setting prices. What you need to charge per dog and what I need to charge per dog are different because our costs to operate are different. Every groomer should know what they need to generate per hour in order to make a living wage.