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Friday Programs

Terrier Series

Super Styling The Wheaten Terrier

Jay Scruggs

In this seminar, Jay will demonstrate how to trim the popular Wheaten Terrier, the Super Styling way. He will show you how to set lines while still keeping that wonderful Wheaten profile. This trim can be kept long or shortened up depending on the lifestyle of the owner.

Cheating On Terriers

Barb Prueckel

Everybody wants their pet to look like a show dog. In this demonstration Barb will show you an easy way to turn these cute little terriers into a handstripped look in half the time it would normally take. Don’t miss this awesome seminar to help save you time in your salon.

Grooming The Schnauzer

Cat Opson

Join Cat as she demonstrates how to set the correct pattern for your Schnauzers that come through your shop. Using clippers and thinning shears, she will show you how to blend the body into the skirt without leaving lines. Cat will sculpt the perfect Schnauzer head and share her techniques for eyebrows and beards on these cute terriers.

Handstripping The Terrier

Lisa Leady

Handstripping is not just for the show ring! In this seminar, Lisa will discuss the theory of handstripping as well as practical applications. Once you know more about how the wire coated breeds respond to stripping the way they do, you will be able to use these techniques to improve your clippered dogs in the salon. Lisa will discuss stripping tools and how to use them to improve the color and texture of your clients’ coats.

Taking Care Of Business

Khris Berry

Business ownership and management can be a daunting venture for any pet professional. This series will teach you to care for your business by addressing common issues, offering valuable insight, and provide thought-provoking discussion about what it takes to operate a Pet Service Business in 2018. Each hour is a stand-alone seminar addressing a core area of business ownership. Get answers to your greatest challenges and leave feeling ready to focus on your Pet Business!

Hour 1) Employee Care and Keeping.

Hire, Train, Motivate. Finding, cultivating, and hiring employees is an obstacle faced by many Grooming Salon owners and managers. This hour-long seminar will help you learn how to find, maintain, and manage employees. From paycheck to performance, from handbook to contracts, common pitfalls and questions will be addressed.

Hour 2) Animal Care and Keeping

As a pet professional, creating a safe environment for animals is a cornerstone of your business. We will identify safe practices, learn to reduce pet stress, injuries, and illness all in one focused setting. Learn to write and implement Animal Advocacy plans and create your own safety protocol.

Hour 3) Financial Care and Keeping

Whether taking care of your financial future or that of your employees, addressing the health of your business financials is critical for success. This hour-long seminar will allow you to workshop on selecting financial providers, build budgets, examine expenses and ratios, and safeguard income.

Hour 4) Facility Care and Keeping

Whether you are mobile or land-based, you will learn to apply employee, customer, and animal friendly designs to your facility. Existing facilities can rethink and rejuvenate their work space; new facilities can learn to incorporate modern design elements that are people and pet friendly. Real-life information such as maintenance schedules, tenant/landlord relationships, and the bare necessities of business are among the topics discussed.

A Groomer’s Guide To Purebred Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

This fast-paced overview of the world of purebred dogs will provide context and back story to the breeds, coats, anatomy, abilities, and behaviors of dogs to help groomers understand what we see every day in our canine clients. By the end of the day every groomer will have a deep understanding of, and powerful evidence for, the importance of the grooming profession.

Hour 1) Human/Dog Co-Evolution

Did you know that new scientific evidence indicates that dogs may have domesticated humans, rather than the other way around? Both Nature (natural selection genetics) and Nurture (human genetic engineering) combined to create the closest relationship of any two species on this planet. Learn where dogs, in all their vast variety of breeds, came from; and how their evolution and domestication may have been responsible for the very survival of humanity.

Hour 2) Groups, Breeds, and Coat Types

Why are dog breeds "grouped" into certain common functions, abilities, and even coat types? What are the major dog coat types and how should each be groomed correctly? Why was each coat type created? What tools and grooming equipment are right and wrong for each type of coat? This session will also help groomers learn about what dog shows are, how they can be accessed, and how groomers can benefit from them in their local areas.

Hour 3) Grooming Working Group Dogs

How did Working Dogs contribute to the development of modern human economic systems? And how can we better learn to groom these literal "Giants" of the dog world? The dogs of the Working Group are not often written about or seen at grooming conferences, but they have significant grooming needs. Some even have extremely unique haircuts. We will even dare to tackle the controversies surrounding the proper care of the most common and natural dog coat of all - the Double Coat!

Hour 4) Grooming the Herding Group

This session will cover, breed by breed, the grooming of these agricultural specialists. Herding Dogs broke off from the Working Group in 1983 and are among the smartest non-humans on Earth. A better understanding of some of these "bath and brush" coats, as well as the amazing history of the plethora of dog breeds and care of their varied coats, provides significant evidence for the importance of our profession.

Jodi’s Tricks Of The Trade

Jodi Murphy

Spend the day with Jodi while she grooms several breeds throughout the day. She will share with you all her tips and tricks that she has learned over the years that make her grooms stand out from the rest. Jodi will discuss the key structure points while grooming which will assist in creating a well-balanced, stylized trim on each breed.

Friday Evening

Whose Got Your Back When Reactions, Outbreaks And Injuries Happen?

Dave Campanella

Salon injuries and accidents happen. It’s not a matter of “If” something goes wrong, but when, how often or how severe. Confidently assess what has happened, know what to do next and stop repeat occurrences. Dave presents simple methods, facts and resources to face and resolve challenges professionally. Dealing with Clients, Product Manufacturers and Veterinarians can often be more challenging than what actually happened. Know what to say to clients, what to ask when reaching out to manufacturers, and how to score points with Veterinarians. No one gets thrown under the bus ever again.

What Products Should I Use?

Dr. Cliff Faver

Confused about what products to use? How do you pick? Could my products or what I am doing actually be causing some of these skin issues? We will cover the science of what the skin and hair needs and some common sense methods of evaluating products. Let us take the some of the guess work out and put the “why” in choosing products. Let’s make the goal of healthy hair and skin more than just clean.

Dye Work For Clients

Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

This two-hour class is all about dye work in the salon; time management, containing the mess, pricing, and procedure. Have you wanted to add color as a service in your salon, or tried coloring and thought it was too messy, too time consuming, or thought that customers just wouldn’t pay extra for it? Angela and Adriane will show you how to add coloring to your services without a mess or spending all day on a simple dye job. They will tell you what you need to get started and where to get it. They will also tell you how to market color to clients, price your coloring services, and manage time for color jobs. During the class they will explore a large variety of coloring products and show you many useful tips for everyday coloring. Angela and Adriane will prove their theories and techniques to you by demonstrating multiple dye jobs on multiple dogs in the classroom including application and rinsing techniques.

Japanese Freestyle Grooming

Cat Opson

It's been a long time since a trend has swept so quickly through the grooming industry like Japanese (or Asian) Freestyle Grooming has. The adorable looks are fun for the groomer and client, but can be so much more than that. Japanese Freestyle Grooming is the perfect way to leave an impression with everyone that sees the dog. In this poodle demo, Cat will show you how to do a Japanese style teddy bear trim on any dog that you are working on. She will also teach you how to introduce the style to your clients.